June 4


Bottom Creek Gorge Trails – Unofficial Trail Guide

By Brian B

June 4, 2021

Gorge, Nature Walks, WaterFalls



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Bottom Creek Gorge Trail - Hikes Around Roanoke - Yoanoke

Bottom Creek Gorge Trail Va - 2021 Unofficial Trail Guide

 Waterfall       Nature Walks        Gorge  

Bottom Creek Gorge Trail is managed by The Nature Conservancy. The Preserve has 3 distinct trails; The Knight Trail, The Johnston Trail & The Duval Trail. In my experience I haven't been able to get reception at the trailhead (Verizon), it may be a good idea to plan your route home prior to arriving.

Editor's Note: We try hard to be accurate in our reporting but please always use multiple references before driving to a trailhead as trail amenities and conditions can always change.

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The Bottom Creek Gorge and the Bottom Creek Falls are both winners for picture spots. I hope when you go it will the water will be flowing with more velocity than it did when I was there (June 2021).

Hikes Around Roanoke - Bottom Creek Gorge Trail - Yoanoke

Photo: Bottom Creek Gorge Falls (Dry Season)

Bottom Creek Gorge Trails - Hikes Around Roanoke - Yoanoke

Photo: Bottom Creek Gorge (Dry Season)

Additional Information:

Bottom Creek Gorge Preserve is a combination of a Nature Walk, a River Walk, and a Waterfall rolled up into one experience. Plan on staying as long or as little as you please, and if you'd just like to see the waterfall you can probably get in and out in close to an hour.

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