June 4


Cascades Falls Trail Va – Unofficial Trail Guide

By Brian B

June 4, 2021

Barney's Wall, WaterFalls



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cascades falls trails va - yoanoke - rapid water

Cascades Fall Trail, Va - Unofficial Trail Guide

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Cascades Fall Trail, Va is located in Pembroke, Va and managed by the United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service. There's a nominal $3 fee to park and facilities on site. There's a second half to the trail after the falls going to Barney's Wall that looks interesting for a future adventure.

Editor's Note: We try hard to be accurate in our reporting but please always use multiple references before driving to a trailhead as trail amenities and conditions can always change.

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You can never go wrong with a picture in front of Cascades Falls. Barney's Wall looks pretty incredible from the pictures but I can't say that I've hiked past the falls yet.

cascades falls trails va - yoanoke

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Cascades Fall Trail is one of the trails around Roanoke I've been on more than a handful of times. When using the fire road on the trek back it gives the trail a loop feel and that change of scenery is nice as well.

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