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Dragon’s Tooth Trail – (2021) Unofficial Trail Guide

By Brian B

January 4, 2021

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Dragon's Tooth Trail



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Dragons Tooth Alt Rock Crawl Yoanoke

Dragon's Tooth Trail - (2021) Unofficial Trail Guide

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Dragon's Tooth Trail is part spur trail, part Appalachian Trail located in George Washington and Jefferson National Forests. Dragon's Tooth Trail may come only second to McAfee Knob as one of the most popular hikes around Roanoke Va. 

Editor's Note: We try hard to be accurate in our reporting but please always use multiple references before driving to a trailhead as trail amenities and conditions can always change.

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Dragon's Tooth Trail Picture Locations

Dragon's Tooth Hike Va offers some great views on the way up, especially during the rock crawl towards the end, but the best expanse is probably found at the summit of Dragon's Tooth Trail overlooking Craig County.

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Dragon's Tooth Hike Time

Dragon's Tooth Trail is a 4.6 mile round trip hike with an elevation gain of about 1,300ft. According to the Hiking Time Calculator that will give you a Dragon's Tooth Hike Time of 2:46 hours, but I'd add an extra 15-30 minutes to give extra time for the rock crawl. 

Dragon's Tooth Back Up Parking

Dragon's Tooth Hike Va is susceptible to being full and in the past it's been closed down as well. There's a backup trailhead parking section for this very reason that has less available spaces but has saved me from turning around. To get there, just back track a couple hundred yards to the gas station and make a right. If there are no other cars parked at the time, the trailhead is easy to miss. 

Alternative Parking Dragons Tooth Map Yoanoke
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