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Rock Castle Gorge Hike – Unofficial Trail Guide

By Brian B

May 25, 2021



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Rock Castle Gorge Bottom scaled

Rock Castle Gorge Hike - Unofficial Trail Guide

 Loop Trail       Blue Ridge Parkway        Camping  

Rock Castle Gorge is a one-of-a-kind hike located near Floyd, Va. One of the many Rocky Knob Hiking Trails operated by the National Park Service, Rock Castle Gorge Hike is a 10.7 mile loop hike that starts at the Blue Ridge Parkway, descends into the canyon and returns to the top. 

Editor's Note: We try hard to be accurate in our reporting but please always use multiple references before driving to a trailhead as trail amenities and conditions can always change.

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East End of Blue Ridge Parkway

Rock Castle Gorge Hike - Yoanoke - Vista

Midway Point Blue Ridge Parkway

Rock Castle Vie scaled

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Rock Castle Gorge is a gem of a loop hike off the Blue Ridge Parkway. The hike was much more strenuous than I expected but the variety of the loop hike made the extra effort pay off.

There is parking in the canyon section of the hike if you just want to tackle a section away from the Blue Ridge Parkway. Going Clockwise, there's an expansive rock garden at about 8:00 of the hike that was impressive even for this area.

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